Monday, September 5, 2011

Wonder Woman's even more "revealing" costume...

Hi! First of all, I'm really excited about participating in this blog! All of your posts have been so interesting so far!

As many other students did, I started my first general post searching the internet. I spent time looking at different images, wikipedia pages, and youtube videos. After a while of what felt like fun procrastination (but actually wasn't!), I stumbled upon a New York Times article from June of 2010.

The article discussed the plans for the 600th issue of Wonder Woman, which revealed her new costume. The new costume is described as "more suitable for crime fighting" and is designed to be "contemporary, functional and... less costumey." The article also includes a slideshow that compares many of Wonder Woman's previous outfits.

You can read that article if you click this link. Also, here is a picture of the new costume, taken from the article:
I was very happy to have found this article. Although Wonder Woman spent 69 years in a skimpy underwear-esq costume, the fact that she was finally given some more dignity is comforting. The new writer of Wonder Woman Michael Straczynski's first duty as writer was to "address the wardrobe issue." His plan was to "toughen her up" and bring her into the 21st century. We've spent a lot of class time discussing these "sexy" costumes and how they are degrading, outdated, not practical for crime fighting. Wonder Woman's new costume is definitely practical, more modern and respectable, and yet still allows her to appear beautiful. I hope that people don't find these comics less appealing because more of her skin is covered.

The new costume has extreme potential for Wonder Woman to escalate to a much more respected and admired level of superhero. It allows her to look hardcore, fierce, and strong. While wearing the new costume, Wonder Woman exposes so much more of her dignity, strength, and power. So although this costume covers up much more of her skin, Wonder Woman's new outfit is the most revealing one yet.


  1. I really like her costume here. Even though it's not one of her traditional skimpy costumes, she still looks powerful and commanding while being feminine and appealing. I like that the outfit is pretty detailed and that Michael Stracynski stuck with some Wonder Woman must haves such as the colors, the wristbands, her headband, and her jacket has stars on the back, which is pretty neat.

  2. This kind of thing is so comforting to see. After dealing with the skimpy, completely impractical costumes for so many years, it's nice to see something that actually makes sense for someone to wear while fighting crime. In prior years one needed a willing suspension of disbelief just to look at the costume and not wonder how it's still on her, never mind actually reading the story. In addition to the new costume making sense (while, as Jennifer said, still keeping some of the classic Wonder Woman look) it actually makes her look much more powerful and bad-ass. Well done, Michael Straczynski.

  3. In comparison to the original Wonder Woman, this new version has a much more Gothic, dark aura, which makes her look like a more fierce and hardcore super heroine. This toned down American patriotism combined with reasonable crime-fighting attire gives off a "no nonsense" demeanor that is equal in respect and power of a male counterpart.

  4. I also remember reading a similar article when news of the "new Wonder Woman" came out, but my article focused a lot more on fans' disapproval of the new and supposedly improved attire. To be honest, I was quite upset too when I first saw the new outfit--the image of Wonder Woman is ingrained in everyone's mind, so why change it to something so drastically different? Yes, it's slicker, more functional, and much more modest, but at the same time, tradition is being overthrown. However, reading this news the second time around (especially in the context of this class) makes me reconsider a lot of things. I love how you said that this costume was the most "revealing" one yet, in terms of WW's characteristics and what she stands for. It's a shame that most people (me included) have difficulty embracing something different from what they're used to, even if modern times call for change. I think this is a great interpretation of the modern Wonder Woman, and I hope that WW fans' minds will be changed as time goes on.

  5. This outfit is much better than her cheezy old one. and it doesn't look like it will fly off when she fights


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