Saturday, September 3, 2011

After reading the blog guidelines, I thought it would be a good idea to make my first blog about something general. So, I went to youtube and searched "super heroine comics.” I found it very interesting that most of the results that popped up referred to "sexy" or "hot" super heroines, even though I did not search with those words. I watched the video titled "Marvel and DC Comics Superhero Girls by DSNG Artist," and found the images truly offensive and crude (here's the website; proceed with caution!! After this video, I watched a clip about the first team of super heroines: Femforce. It gave a brief description of each member of the team. I found it interesting to see how these characters were described: Ms. Victory is a "tall blonde" who took vitamins which transformed her "into a beautiful juggernaut..a powerful force for freedom," She-Cat is "feisty, spirited [and] sexy," and Nightveil is a "dark, brooding beauty.” All of these bios reinforce our class’s opinion that superheroes/super heroines must have physical beauty. Did anyone else search super heroines on youtube and find something interesting?


  1. I typed in "superheroines' on youtube and every hit on the entire list contained some sort of sexual term. Whether it be "sexy," or "babe." Another very common theme that I found in several videos under that header was mindcontrol or bondage. However, unlike in class when we discussed that term as lacking a sexual subtext and purely meaning tied up, in these videos it was disturbingly sexual. Some of these videos, particularly the first hit, were essentially soft-core porn movies referring to domination and slaves for sexual reasons. In many of them, it was girl-on-girl superheros. For example, in that first hit, it was star girl, wonder woman, and another woman dressed as a genie. What's a bit more disturbing is that these videos go beyond professionals in the media industry trying to make money off of what they think will sell. Many of these women are just ordinary woman posing for youtube videos. This just shows that the industry in many ways has accomplished their (unfortunate) goal.

  2. I looked to see the difference between typing "superheroines" and "female superheroes". It seemed to me that there was a big difference between the two. When I typed in "superheroines", I found many of the same videos it seemed like you both did- basically soft porn. But when I typed in "female superheroes", I found a lot a videos that were basically just montages of peoples favorite superheroines. Though the pictures they used in the videos where highly sexualized, the basic idea behind it was much less so.


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