Monday, September 5, 2011

I am pretty surprised at the subtle, and the less subtle, differences between Wonder Woman #1 and Wonder Woman: The Circle so far. I like how Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman: The Circle has more feminine features compared to Wonder Woman #1, yet she is still super powerful and talented. I also like that she seems like the lead character and she doesn't fawn over her male counterpart. Instead, she helps him get out of messes and he gets the lower end of the stick. Another difference that I liked was that other superheroes are incorporated into the story in Wonder Woman: The Circle, such as Batman and references to him being a billionaire. I think that it makes the story seem more realistic. Wonder Woman: The Circle is also significantly less racist than Wonder Woman #1. The Nazis don't have harsh German accents written down when they speak. However, they still are a common enemy even in the issues in Wonder Woman: The Circle which had about a 60 year difference between Wonder Woman #1. Something that I found was interesting, however, is that Wonder Woman doesn't have her super powers in her "human form" in Wonder Woman: The Circle. I'm not sure why or how that happens, but I thought that her human form was her only form, minus the lasso. She also has a way cooler job in Wonder Woman: The Circle than in Wonder Woman #1. She also looks somewhat different in her non-superheroine form, as opposed to Wonder Woman #1 who just wore glasses and no one could figure out who she was. Overall, I really like the differences that Gail Simone has created in Wonder Woman. I think that Gail Simone gives Wonder Woman more dignity and more respect than the previous creators, which probably has something to do with the significant difference in decades from one publishing date to the next.

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  1. I think in the original Wonder Woman they explained that she needed her "magical garter", or something of that sort, to have her powers. They don't go into back story in this one, but it seems consistent. In this one she seems less powerless without her magical clothing though. She is able to fight "The Nazi" pretty well before she puts on her costume and finishes him off.


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