Monday, September 12, 2011

Tyra "Porkchop" is America's Next Top "Waddle"

In class we talked about how surprising that a role model like Wonder Woman making insulting jabs at her opponent's weight. Although ,it's inexcusable for anyone to judge another person, it's become somewhat of a norm for people to degrade people because of their weight- regardless of the ridiculousness of their insults.
Anyone remember this? Back in 2007, this was the big "scandal"...Tyra Banks gained 30 pounds! And even worst, the press has an unflattering picture to prove it. really. Note that Tyra Banks is 5' 10" and 161 actually HEALTHY weight compared to the 130 or so pounds she used to be in her modeling days. So why is the press tearing her down and calling her "Tyra 'Porkchop'" and "America's Next Top Waddle" over this?