Sunday, September 25, 2011


In the new movie The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman will reappear on the big screen. This time she will be played by Anne Hathaway. Unlike Catwoman's past costumes, this one is not strategically torn or skimpy. Catwoman dons a full body suit, and doesn't show off the usual cleavage. (
However, her new suit is skin tight. Hathaway reported that it took "three people and a lot of mental preparation to get her into the costume." ( That seems like a little much. If a suit has to be tight enough that a woman can't even get into it, to be attractive, then why do it? Is a sexual image really that important? And what of the message that that suit is sending to women everywhere? Anne Hathaway was thin and beautiful before she became Catwoman, but she had to work out for the movie so that she could be even thinner and more toned to fit into an "unforgiving" costume. Superwomen are meant to be looked up to, but why is it that the only women that the media gives us to idolize are so impossible to mimic. We need to be forgiven a little. Our heroes and actresses need to be forgiven a little for being slightly less than whatever "perfect" is supposed to be.


  1. I don't understand why it's necessary to have to have her wear a costume that it takes three people to get her into. That's absolutely ridiculous. It's also sad that she had to work out when she was already in perfectly good shape to get even skinnier than she was. That is sending out the wrong message to young girls. It is still possible for her to look attractive in something that isn't skin-tight, or ripped, or showing off her cleavage, but that never seems to make a difference to the designers.

  2. Most superheroine costumes are completely unrealistic. When looking at what Wonder Woman wears in her comics, you wonder how she can fight the battles of the world without her breast popping out of her skimpy top. In comics, it can be easy to draw superheroines in skimpy outfits, but when putting real actresses into these costumes, it takes a lot more effort. It seems as though someone needs to basically glue the costume on because there is no way it will stay on during stunts. This is probably another reason why Anne Hathaway's costume is so tight and difficult to put on.

  3. I'm quite shocked to hear that Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman. I never would have thought that she would be fit for a Catwoman role. I might be proved absolutely wrong.

    Anyway, like I stated in my previous comments related to Superheroines costumes I think that it is only normal that heroines look better than your typical woman or a hero looks better than your typical male. This is exactly why they are called "Super"heroes/heroines. They are not normal. This does set a high standard for people trying to mimic them but this isn't only true for females, this also goes for males as well since superheroes have broad shoulders, a nice six pack and underwear emphasizing a certaing organ. I think that it is normal that superheroes and superheroines are better than us, also physically, normal people. We, as people who have the ability do distinguish, must be able to separate the two things. Anne Hathaway isn't the first actress or actor who had to lose or gain weight for a specific role.

  4. I definitely agree with the last comment. Although I feel it is important to approach comics and movies with an analytical lense, I think we may be over-thinking somethings, purposely seeking inequality when none really exists, especially because we are a part of a class that is under the rubric of gender and sexuality.
    Hollywood constantly demands actors shed or gain pounds for various roles. It is a business that requires people to strip down to the nude to shoot a scene and have sex with another while having a spouse, for example. Having three people help you into a skin-tight, leather, cat-suit is just another part of the job and should be regarded as such.

  5. Having to lose a couple of pounds for a role and having to physically mutilate yourself are two different things. Anne Hathaway is skinny enough as it is. They could have made a bigger costume. Its not fair that women have to look sickly skinny just to be considered attractive and useful.

  6. I actually hate that Anne Hathaway is expected to play cat woman.. I probably won't even make the effort of watching it. It will most definitely destroy my love for cat woman.


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