Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The superheroines who don't get any credit!

After reading Yvonne's post, something I had never thought of came into my head. Here we are praising these comic superheroines who inspire us to be strong and independent but when I think of the characteristics they hold I can't help but think of the women in my life... Maybe you've never thought of it that way but reading all these comics about Wonder Women inevitably makes me think of my own mother. She, like Wonder Women left her home not because of a man but to fulfill her purpose in life. She, like Wonder Woman faced oppression from men and was ridiculed for doing something men usually do... My mom would definately have to be the closest I could ever get to Wonder Woman if she lived in the U.S.

This also makes me think about the inspiration from the writers of these superheroines... There are so many women out there who "kick butt" and who were the inspiration to those superheroines we read in comics today.

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