Sunday, March 27, 2011

Will it Ever End?

There seems to be no end to the violence and upheaval in the Middle East, as opposition has now risen in both Yemen and Syria. With the United States, Great Britain and France joining in, the death toll is climbing. It is hard for me to understand how a country can fire and kill its own citizens with such little consideration and how citizens can do the same. But where does a country draw the line between active protesting and aggressive protesting with intentions to inflict harm? Although it comforts me to know that the people of these countries still have some power and the ability to enforce change when needed but is violence always necessary? In a perfect world, everyone could march to the sea in civil disobedience like Gandhi and gain independence. However, is this always going to be a solution? I do not think so.

Some of these dictators, as preached by the Muammar Gaddafi, are ready to die rather than step down. For this case it would seem appropriate to fight back and overthrow the ruler at all costs, given the ultimatum. On the other hand, some such as Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen have said there are ready to step down. So why not give him an opportunity? Why would protesters light buildings on fire killing a couple hundred innocent civilians when they could possible evoke the same change without doing so? I am not ridding out the possibility that this man could be a liar but doing things diplomatically does take time and the opportunity to do so.

This onslaught of violence seems to be an unstoppable avalanche, inflicting a heard like mentality that spreads to everyone within a close radius. Moreover, it also reminds me of the atmosphere of wrestling. Watching a match for two minutes does not make anyone a believer, but being immersed in it for a couple hours, with other characters and the audience going along with wrestlers, does tend to make the non-believers believers for at least a brief moment of time. I too find myself caught up in this dramatic show; only because everything I watch believes in it also. The masses have the ability to make violence appear as a temporary solution just as WWE can make the wrestling matches seem real with a crowd of supporting cast members and an audience that throws popcorn and drinks at the heels.

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