Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He Took His Job! (south park reference)

So to talk more about wrestling, I never had any sort of appreciation for the sport. I actually didnt even think it was a sport. Every time I saw an event it just seemed like a joke. All the stomping of the floor and all the storylines, it just seemed so scripted. I think an episode from South Park really speaks to how I viewed wrestling.
You can tell from the video that the creators of the show share the same views that I had about wrestling. That its just a soap opera with muscles. However, this portrayal of wrestling doesnt help its public image with anyone who has not been exposed to the sport. But after seeing the clips from wrestling from the 1990s I have a new take on wrestling, at least from the 1990s.
Im not sure if I can put my finger on it but I just feel like the wrestlers back then were putting more into their characters and trying to make a name for themselves. Today everything seems stale. Maybe I just enjoyed the eccentricity of characters like the ultimate warrior who seemed to give his all in every one of his performances.
Of course, I am not the right person to be dissecting wrestling since I have barely watched any but this is just how I feel about the past and present state of wrestling.


  1. I've got to sympathize with Trey on this one. The stomping and the shouting and the vague homoeroticism seemed quite silly to me when I was growing up in the 90's. However, after talking about wrestling in class and analyzing the creation and execution of the "soap opera", instead of criticizing the cheesiness I've come to see the merit in it. The staged dives, the heels, the faces and the ever changing dynamic of the characters hint at a much deeper aspect of wrestling than I thought was imaginable.

  2. While it is staged, I do have great respect for professional wrestlers simply because of the fact that the WWE actually can be physically harmful to the wrestlers. They may know what type of moves they will use when, the falls are real. It takes a great deal of stamina and toughness to be able to jump from a turnbuckle and land square on the chest. These wrestlers risk their personal well-being for the enjoyment of (bloodthirsty?) fans, which, as entertainers, they should be applauded for


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