Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Meat Boy!!

The premise behind Super Meat Boy is quite simple really. You are Meat Boy and you love Band-aid Girl. All is right in the world until the evil Dr. Fetus captures Band-aid Girl, so it is now your mission, as Meat Boy, to reclaim your woman and bring order back to this twisted universe. Super Meat Boy is undoubtedly one of the hardest games I have ever played. The levels are no longer than 30 seconds long and the controls are absolutely perfect, but once you hit world 2 or 3 you will be constantly cursing and threating to throw your controller into the screen. But since the controls are so tight, you're never angry at the game, it is always your fault when you die. And trust me you will die alot, by the time I got to end of the game, which is really only around 25% done with all the levels, I died over 1000 times. Now at 50% completion and about 10 hours of play, I have acquired over 3000 deaths, the game keeps track.

Death is absolutely inconsequential in Super Meat Boy. The second you die a gruesome death to spikes, spinning blades, rocket launchers, or meat's mortal enemy, SALT, you are spawning again and right back in the action. Once you finally beat the 15-20 second level, you are given the chance to view a replay of all your attempts superimposed. This is quite humorous as some levels can take around 100 deaths. There is seemingly a stream of meat and blood splatter.

One of the worlds actually takes place in hell, to a backdrop of dead Meat Boys plummeting to their eternal suffering. The menacing boss of Hell is even an enormous amalgamation of dead Meat Boys. Pretty funny stuff.

Here is a video of a guy valiantly trying to 100% this brutal game. Around 3:10 is a particularly brutal level.

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