Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Go Away Snookie

So Im not sure if any one knew this but Snookie made her WWE debut not too long ago. When I first read this I just laughed, thinking it was a joke. She is legit like four feet tall. But then I saw a video of it and it sort of made me sad. Why is WWE doing this? I already had a hard enough time watching wrestling, and once I finally started to like it, this happens. Watch this clip just to see what I mean.
I guess she is trying but I am sure this is just a publicity stunt to promote Jersey Shore. I just dont understand why WWE would want her to make an appearance. I know they aren't trying to say that their wrestling is "real" or that the story lines are true, but adding Snookie to your cast really is not a good way to boost your credibility.
I may be biased just because Im not really a fan of Snookie. She makes 30,000 dollars an episode and requires 10,000 dollars as an appearance fee......what does she do again?
I dont want this to turn into a post about Snookie so I'll get back to wrestling.
Now Im sure her debut got a lot of people to watch the show since I'm sure a lot of wrestling fans were wondering why Snookie was there and probably hoping she would get body slammed. But in reality, this is just WWE and Snookie using each other to promote their own shows. It was actually a pretty good idea, although that wont stop me from hating on WWE for allowing her inside the ring.


  1. What's really sad about Snookie joining the show for Wrestlemania is that it shows how little WWE values their women's wrestling division--which was already obvious by the lack of good storylines or interesting matches. You're right, it's a gimmick to get people to shell out for the big event, but the big event doesn't need it, so I'm not sure why WWE feels they really need Snookie. Maybe Snookie is paying the WWE to appear? Probably not.

    In any case, in the match she's in, there's only one regular women's wrestler. There's two men, the wife of the late Eddie Guerrero who is an on screen character, and the returning Trish Stratus--one of the most famous women wrestlers, but also one that hasn't performed in years. The two men in the match, however, are extremely talented but suffer from a lack of good story lines and mic skills.

    After RAW last night, the reason to watch seems to be what HBK is going to do in the Taker v Trips match.

  2. I think the WWE actually made a good business decision in having snooki in the ring. I think they are constantly trying to expand their fan base, and having Snooki featured as a female wrestler will actually do that. While it may piss off some of the actual wrestling fans, it will probably bring in more money for the WWE. And who knows, Snooki might actually display some wrestling prowess and be a great technical wrestler ( anyone down for a Cena vs. Snooki showdown?)

  3. Like Chris talked about, WWE really seems to disrespect their women's wrestling division in a lot of ways. In fact, rather than serious wrestling, it always seemed to me that the girls were there to serve as sex symbols. I mean it's supposedly every guy's dream to see girls in scantily clad clothing fighting each other right? That's why there's jello and mud wrestling for girls. It reminds me a lot more of softcore pornography in a lot of ways.

  4. If I didn't take this class, I wouldn't even hear about Wrestlemania if it weren't for Snooki. The midget that everybody loves to hate was on the cover of Rolling Stone. Like it or not, she's famous, and Jersey Shore has more "mass appeal" than professional wrestling. The Youtube video of her getting punched in the face from a while back has 3 million views. Whether it was real or staged, people loved seeing her get hit. I have no doubt in my mind that the American public would love to see her get hit again. I agree with Max that this is a great opportunity to expand the WWE's audience and bring in some revenue for the big event.

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  7. Women's wrestling, in my opinion, is incredibly entertaining. Why would you want to watch men toss each other around when you can watch hot girls doing it instead (minus Snooki)? I thought the promotional idea of having Snooki enter the ring was great for both parties. WWE viewers may watch Jshore now and perhaps some Jersey Shore viewers will tune into Wrestlemania tomorrow. Snooki was simply following in the footsteps of fellow costars JWoww and Angelina, both of whom have appeared on TNA wrestling. Perhaps Snooki just wanted to show them up by going to the bright lights of the WWE? Regardless, Snooki is laughing her way to the bank. Rutgers just paid her $32,000 to speak at their fine institution, and I'm sure the WWE paid her plenty of money for that short appearance. As Andrea said, the video of Snooks getting punched in the face has over 3 million views. Simply put, people love to see this little orange oompa loompa get rocked, so it's only natural that she appeared on WWE. More power to Snooki for taking the hits and cashing the checks.

  8. This just proves to me that our collective sense of embarrassment has disappeared. Endless cross self-promotion abounds and now not even wrestling, a sport that banks on shamelessness in a myriad of ways, has been spared.


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