Saturday, March 5, 2011

kick ass kicks ass

The "kick your own ass" post reminded me of a movie I watched earlier this year that got some flack for being too violent. I wouldnt really agree though, I thought the violence was totally fine but I guess people didnt like that a little girl was the one dishing out all the blows. The movie that Im talking about is Kick Ass. Long story short, its about a kid who decides to become a super hero even though he has no super powers. Along the way he meets a young girl named "hit girl" who is really one of the only characters in the movie who can kick the crap out of anyone. People got upset over the fact that this little girl was cutting peoples legs off and basically being a total badass. I think this movie coincides well with Kill Bill and some of the themes of violence and women we have been dealing with. This girl is an unstoppable force who ends countless lives. I guess the public really didnt care that it was a girl doing the killing, but the fact that it was a 10 year old child. I dont really get their point since violence and children have come hand in hand multiple times in the past. Kids are always getting killed in movies, so why cant they be the one dishing out the death for once. Is it really that big of a difference to go from little girl found strangled to death to little girl strangles man to death. I thought it made the movie a lot more fun although highly unrealistic since I will never believe that an 80 pound girl is gonna kick a guy through a door. Thats just not gonna happen. Heres the trailer for anyone who hasnt seen the movie before.


  1. Kick Ass was a great movie, it was so unassumingly hilarious that I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I think the girl was a great addition to the script, just because the violence was so unrealistic, but it was just awesome. I mean there's a 10 year old girls assassinating like 50 people and doing crazy back flips all while shooting and slicing people up.

    I think people were probably most offended because the movie made a child the agent of violence. Child violence seems almost taboo because kids are supposed to be innocent and not exposed to such gruesomeness. How ignorant people are...

  2. Kick Ass is one of my favorite new movies. Absolutely hilarious movie and incredibly violent. But the thing about the violence is that it almost felt cartoony. The entire movie itself takes on a comic book parallel. This helps desensitize ourselves from the sheer violence that resonates in this awesome film. I recommend this film for ANYONE, its an instant classic.


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