Sunday, November 27, 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Episode 1: Women Rule

From the very beginning we see that the women in this T.V. series have power. In the very first scene of the first episode, the vampire Darla seems to be in lack of control and afraid, but then suddenly becomes a vampire and takes control over the man and ultimately kills him. This womanly power over men sets the stage for the great power that Buffy has as a super heroine. We also see in the beginning that Willow is smart and will help Xander with his homework; this is important because it portrays her as an intelligent girl, not a stereotypical “dumb” high school girl focused on materialistic things and boys.

I thought it was interesting that the primary head figure (principal) that we see at Sunnydale High is male and seems to be somewhat of a pushover, while the secondary source of power that we see is a female teacher. These primary and secondary roles of male/female power (male principal) are switched in the roles between Buffy and Giles; Buffy is the head leader like the principal, the one girl in all the world, the slayer, while Giles is secondary as the watcher and provider of knowledge, like the teacher.

I also found it important that Darla is sexualized and gains power by using her girlish sexual charm to lure men in. Unlike Darla, Buffy does not play up her sexuality in this episode to gain power. Although she gets thrown around constantly by Luke the vampire and is caught in a vulnerable position at the end of the episode, her strength is strongly present and is what helps her to fight on and control power.

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