Sunday, November 27, 2011

Once More with Feeling: Tell me how you really feel

In this episode, everyone reveals something about themselves that causes harm to other people. For example, Xander and Anya sing to each other regarding their doubts about their marriage, Buffy sings and admits that she thinks Willow took her from heaven, and Willow sings to Tara happy that they had made up after their argument over Willow’s excessive use of magic (which Willow erased from Tara’s memory…by using magic).

I think this episode is not only creative on the director’s part, but is also important because it gives us the true insights to what the characters’ are feeling, but wouldn’t have admitted had they not been cursed with song. I found it truly interesting that despite it being the only musical episode, the characters were able to maintain their true personas while singing and dancing.


  1. Other shows have tried to do a musical episode and it failed miserably- look to Grey's Anatomy. The fact that Whedon was able to make it enjoyable and funny, while still moving the plot along is quiet amazing. This is something he has a real talent for though. Episode like "Hush" and "The Body" might be used in other shows as a way to get attention or hookey, but Whedon did an amazing job with both of them and put them effortlessly into the plot.

  2. The musical episode is my favorite episode of Buffy. It was funny, heartbreaking, entertaining, and didn't seem strange or out of place.

  3. I thought that the episode was really refreshing especially after watching such deeply emotional episodes, it was fun and entertaining but they also revealed much darker subplots.


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