Sunday, November 27, 2011

Don’t Mess with the Women

In the episode “School Hard,” there were a few scenes that stood out to me in which women overpowered men. For example, in the beginning of the episode Xander makes a comment to Buffy: “as long as nothing bad happens,” which according to Buffy and Willow is the ultimate jinx. Willow and Buffy team up against Xander and yell at him to make him understand how stupid he was for saying that. Later on in the episode, Buffy and her mother team up and fight Spike. After being hit on the head with an ax by Buffy’s mother, Spike cries out “women!” and runs away. In both of these scenes, the pairs of women power over the men and are superior.

Another thing that I found relevant to women having power over men was the relationship between Drusilla and Spike. When Drusilla mentions to Spike that she is cold, he automatically gives her his jacket, and when she tells him she is a princess, he agrees and allows her to scratch his face and draw blood in order to nourish her. Spike is tough with the guys and is in power, but when dealing with Drusilla, he is the subordinate. She tells him “you are my sweet, my little Spike” putting him in a position of lesser power (Season2, Episode 3).

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