Sunday, November 27, 2011

Angel: the one distraction in all the world (at this point in the series..)

“Innocence” is the first episode where we see Buffy in a situation where she is not in power. After Buffy sleeps with Angel, he turns back into Angelus the demon, and joins Drusilla and Spike again. Buffy constantly worries about where Angel is, and is under his control in the sense that she is waiting for him to contact her.

She gets her control back in the end when she uses the military weapons to blow up the judge. She fights Angel even though she loves him, because she knows that he is Angelus the demon, not the Angel she knows and loves. Even though in the beginning of the episode Buffy loses the power she has, she gains it back in the end of the episode and continues to be the strong, in control super heroine we know her as.

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  1. It's interesting to see how Buffy has grown throughout the years. She becomes weak Angelus is cruel to her but as she matures she doesn't let things like this make her weak.


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