Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lil Wayne's 3 Peat

When I think of an example in rap that personifies braggadocio, I immediately think of the song "3 Peat" by Lil Wayne off of his album Tha Carter III.  The entire song's theme is ridiculous and over-the-top arrogance because Lil Wayne believes that this album will be as great as his first two, which would give him three straight record-breaking albums.

Besides the fact that the name of the song is braggadocio in itself, the lyrics go beyond that by saying he himself is the best rapper. In particular, when he states:

"Get on my level? you can't get on my level
You would need a space shuttle or a ladder that's forever"

Lil Wayne goes on to mention himself as the best and as being on another level than other rappers throughout the song, but, to me, its not just the lyrics that make this song great, it's the pace and the rhymes too. Lil Wayne paces the song very well because the lyrics and rhymes push the song forward so that it sounds like he is rapping for the entire song. His rhymes are a key part of why the song flows so well. There are no choruses or instrumental sections; "3 Peat" is a track with just rap verses.

I believe that "3 Peat" is a good way to open an album because it displays Lil Wayne's ability to rap creative and rhythmic lines. I also feel that since the track is all rap verses with no choruses the song easily transitions to the next song in the album.

Overall, I think that "3 Peat" by Lil Wayne is a great example of braggadocio in rap, and also that it is the perfect song considering its position in Tha Carter III.


  1. Lil Wayne opens up this song by saying, “Yes sir! They can’t stop me!” I think this first line is important because it sets up the overall tone for the song. As discussed in this post, the pace of this song and the lack of a chorus or instrumental breaks makes it seem as though Lil Wayne is rapping straight through the song and can go on like this forever. This adds to the braggadocio that dominates this song, specifically contributing to Lil Wayne’s opening claim that he can’t be stopped. I agree that this song is a great way to open up his album because the main idea of this song is that he’s already on his third album in this “3 peat,” and he can’t be stopped. This can be seen in both the rhymes and the rhythm of this song.

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  3. While in "3 Peat," Lil Wayne's rhymes and lyrics help push the pace of the song forward, they are not the only tools used to pace the song. Another important method is the instrumental background. The drums and string instruments significantly aid the enhanced rate of the song.

    Lyrically, this song represents the braggadocio style. For instance, at the beginning Lil Wayne says, "Even if they stopped me," a line contradicting his idea in line one of being unstoppable. However, as soon as this line is spoken, he laughs, and says, "yeah," as if meaning, yeah right. Then he moves forward, identifying himself as the greatest, "you watch me, 'cause I be, Weezy, must see," in accordance with the braggadocio style.

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