Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do We Really Need to Know How Big It Is?

Now, I like braggadocio in rap songs as much as the next guy. I mean, it's a strong topic, and if you're cocky enough, it breeds endless amounts of material. However, is it really necessary? There are so many potential topics that someone can write about, but the amount of songs that end up being about braggadocio or even have some segment of a verse dedicated to braggadocio is extremely vast. I like hearing some dope lyrics about a rapper, but I would much rather it be more balanced, with meaningful lyrics taking over the majority of song subjects. Who needs it? I honestly don't think the public wants to know how awesome the rapper is. The listeners can judge how awesome a rapper is by his abilities, not by the rapper constantly jamming clever rhymes about themselves down our eardrums. And furthermore, once a listener starts to listen to constant braggadocio, one has to wonder if it's actually all true or just a gross exaggeration. And in that sense, braggadocio is even hurting the rapper's credibility. In the ears of the modern college student braggadocio is just glazed over, easily forgotten in the midst of thumping bass and electronica.

"What's Jay-Z talking about in this song?"
"Oh, just himself and how rich he is."

Braggadocio doesn't even have the benefit of being called music with substance. This makes me start to wonder that braggadocio is less intense lyricism and more filler lyrics in an artistic lull in an artist's life. As a rapper matures, he/she becomes more aware and masterful of his lyrics, therefore can rap about bigger and better things than himself.

The intense occupation of braggadocio in rap is because of its influence in the early roots of rap. Back in rap beginnings, rap was used for battling, and in battling, braggadocio is everything. However, in contemporary times, I feel that we have evolved enough to stray away from that. There are so many young rappers that come out guns blazing on the braggadocio, and I hope rappers realize soon that sometimes the best way to be amazing is to be different.

What do you guys think? Would you prefer braggadocio over more meaningful lyrics (this is a judgment-free zone)?

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  1. I do agree that braggadocio has become over the top and too common in hip hop today. Hearing how great the rapper says he is is not very appealing to listen to, and I am one to prefer meaningful lyrics because they provoke thoughts which is more enjoyable than mere bragging. However I'm not so sure that I agree with "As a rapper matures, he/she becomes more aware and masterful of his lyrics, therefore can rap about bigger and better things than himself" because Kendrick Lamar is pretty young and does rap about bigger things than himself. I agree that wisdom comes with age, but some young rappers do exhibit great lyricism.


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