Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Empowerment of Independent Women?

Roxanne Shante's song "Independent Woman" fall under the topic of empowerment. However, I want to investigate if this empowerment of the independent women can really be relayed with the words Roxanne raps.

To be quite honest, there exists more breaking down of this supposed 'independent woman' than empowerment to her in Roxanne's rap track. For the first three verses, Roxanne raps about: 1) How naive women are in believing all men are loyal, or that they will find their soul mate; 2) the wretched past that keeps the women from living; and 3) how women can rely on themselves by knowing that they can achieve much in the world. In the first three verses (the introduction verse, and topics 1 and 2 above), Roxanne seems to break down this potential 'independent woman' with all the troubles in her life. The woman is too naive and is surrounded by an environment which can in no way help her succeed, ideas portrayed for 3 min and 20 sec of the link above. It is not only until the last 50 seconds of the track that Roxanne reveals to her listeners that the woman can succeed by looking into herself for help. This is one of the shortest verses of the song, only same in length compared to the introduction. Shante makes a bold claim in the beginning of this song:

Shanté can help a sister that's way be-
hind, lost in the mind and can't find
Her way to a better day, you know the kind

My question to you all is this: With such emphasis on where the women is at right now and how wretched  it is (which I can almost guarantee the woman must know, but is making the best of her circumstance), does the last verse help to reconcile the breakdown occurring in the other verses? You do not have to agree that such breakdown occurs, but please elaborate if you view them in a different light.

I apologize for the change in text appearance. Formatting of lyrics has messed up the rest of my writing*

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